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Best Springerdoodle and Mini Springerdoodle Breeders

Springerdoodles are beautiful, friendly, and hypoallergenic. Sproodles make wonderful companions.
Bobby, the Mini Springerdoodle Boy

About Springerdoodles (Sproodles)

Springerdoodles (aka Sproodles) are a cross between a Poodle and an English Springer Spaniel. Springerdoodles’ growing popularity may some day surpass their popular Labradoodle and Goldendoodle cousins.

Springerdoodles/Sproodles are exceptionally loyal and friendly. Hybrid vigor makes them extra healthy, and most Springerdoodles shed very little or not all. Poodles are highly intelligent and non-shedding. English Springer Spaniels are incredibly loyal, very smart, and super healthy. Check out any dog website, and you’ll find that English Springer Spaniels will typically get a 10/10 from anyone who has ever owned one.

Tri-color Springerdoodle

Our Location

Best Springerdoodles is located in beautiful Greenville, SC. We are easily accessible to Springerdoodle forever homes from Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro, and Raleigh-Durham, NC. Others desiring a Springerdoodle puppy travel from Charleston, Hilton Head or Columbia, SC. And we’re a fairly easy drive from Atlanta, GA, Knoxville, TN, Lexington, KY, Birmingham, AL, and Jacksonville, FL. Other Springerdoodle (Sproodle) families will make the trip from Chicago, Baltimore, or Boston.
Boy with Two Mini Springerdoodle Pups
Springerdoodle Puppy in the Grass

About Us

I’m a professor at BJU, a private, liberal arts university. My wife and I have 5 wonderful kids. Having become known as premier breeders of occasional Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, Springerdoodles (Sproodles) seemed like an obvious choice. We specialize in mini and standard sized Springerdoodles and believe in home-raised Springerdoodle puppies who are family members first. Through Crockett Doodles we network with premium family breeders of high quality doodles across the nation.
Mini F1B Goldendoodles
Our Springerdoodles are typically chocolate/white, solid chocolate, black/white, or tri-colored. The Springerdoodle coats vary from slightly wavy to quite curly.
Read on to find why our puppies are some of the most highly desirable f1b Springerdoodles and mini Springerdoodles in the Southeast.
Mini Springerdoodles

Champion Quality Springerdoodles

Wanting to produce the world’s best Springerdoodles, we searched a long time for Fern, our beautiful English Springer Spaniel mom. With well over a hundred documented champions in her bloodlines, our girl has 30 champions in just her past four generations of pedigree.

Fern’s great-grandfather was the world’s most famous English Springer Spaniel–Champion Salilyn’s Condor (DOB Oct. 5, 1987), aka Robert. Saililyn’s Condor won every dog show imaginable climaxing with winning Best in Breed and Best in Show in the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1993 (one of the few times since 1877 that a Springer Spaniel was Best in Show at Westminster).

Saililyn’s Condor beat 115,651 other dogs to become the best dog in the U.S. in 1993. Saililyn’s Condor famously became the first Westminster winner to sire another, when his daughter Champion Saililyn ‘N Erin’s Shameless won Westminster’s Best in Show in 2000.

We wanted the absolute best bloodlines in the world for our Springerdoodle puppies.

Our Springerdoodle Mission

Through our Crockett Doodles family matches home-raised Springerdoodle puppies of outstanding health, looks, and temperament to great fit forever families.
Watch our new Springerdoodle and mini Springerdoodle Puppy video:

Recommended Dog Food

If you choose to feed your puppy either Health Extension or TLC for a full three years, we will extend our excellent 1-Year Health Guarantee to an outstanding 3 years.

NOTE: Before purchasing food for your puppy, confirm which food they are currently eating. Switching foods abruptly can upset your puppy’s tummy.

Health Extension Dog Food - Holistic Puppy Food

Ensuring your dog consumes high-quality food is crucial for their overall health and growth. Quality nutrition enhances digestive health, promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin, fortifies the immune system, supports joint health, boosts cognitive functions, and maintains heart health. Health Extension offers a range of flavors, formulations, and sizes to suit your puppy’s tastes.

TLC Dog Food
We recommend TLC Pet Food due to its balanced formula, which includes quality meats, animal fats, vitamins, and minerals. This food supports the healthy growth of your puppy’s hips and joints, skin, and coat as well as enhancing digestion and preventing disease and inflammation. Plus, TLC Pet Food offers free delivery of fresh food right to your doorstep.

Springerdoodle Puppy Delivery Policy:

As best Springerdoodle breeders, we will personally hand-deliver Springerdoodle puppies (depending on the location) or allow a Springerdoodle puppy to fly back with its new family if it flies in the passenger compartment.

Email to find out the process for obtaining one of our highly coveted puppies.

Springerdoodles are excellent dogs, but they’re not right for everyone. Owning a Springerdoodle or mini Springerdoodle puppy takes time and money. If you don’t have the time or the money to invest in a dog (Springerdoodle or otherwise), then you probably shouldn’t be considering one. For someone willing to invest some time and money, Springerdoodles and mini Springerdoodles are a great choice for many people.
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